James Sky feat. Nikos Ganos – Χαμένη Ατλαντίδα – Official Video Clip

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Credits: Female Vocals: Katerina Pavlidou
Music: James Sky , Chris Mazz
Lyrics: Andy Nicolas
Composed: James Sky,Chris Mazz
Production: James Sky,Dimension X, Chris Mazz
Guitar by: Leonidas Karadimas
Vocals & Gtr Recorded and produced by James Sky @ Bk Studios
Directed by George Ant
Director of Photography: Stathis Saltas
Styling: Andriana Lyrou
Make up: Stavroula Sgourou
Επιμέλεια: Μιχάλης Παπανικολάου

James Sky feat. Nikos Ganos – Χαμένη Ατλαντίδα | James Sky feat. Nikos Ganos – Xameni Atlanida – Official Video Clip



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