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This month, the rising independent dance and EDM artist DeepSystem released his latest studio endeavor, a compelling new single entitled ‘The Sin of Life’. The track is an elegant excursion into DeepSystem’s raw artistic passion and vision, a stunning love song worth taking note of.

“I hope that my music touches people’s soul, as it’s meant to be” DeepSystem mused when discussing his upcoming release. ‘The Sin of Life’ is quite unlike most love ballads. It sheds all cliches for a modern, sophisticated sound wrapped in DeepSystem’s talent for infectious hooks and well-produced sonic landscapes.

‘The Sin of Life’ is also the latest entry in DeepSystem’s prolific lifelong music catalog. Since the age of sixteen, the artist has been releasing music as a remarkably quick pace, all while maintaining a level of quality most unique to him. Over the years, DeepSystem has been lauded by millions of YouTube viewers, awarded special guest appearances at events like Eurovision song contest, and he has collaborated with a slew of other artists.

Orchestration: Andrei Murariu
Mix & Master: Andrei Murariu
Music: Andrei Socoliuc
Lyrics: Andrei Socoliuc

Director & D.O.P.: Andrei Lesan
Edit & Grading: Andrei Lesan
Video Produced by REDCON PICTURES

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