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Miss Mary – Find Me – Official Video Clip

Music/Text: Miss Mary, Eberhard Cristian (Electric Pulse)
Producer: Eberhard Cristian (Electric Pulse)
Mix/Master: Eberhard Cristian (Electric Pulse)

Tellin’ me lies
When you come home
But I know you have been with her
You should’ve known
I’m not so dumb
Ain’t you afraid I will be gone?

Now please let go of my hand,
I gotta get used to being left and
You know,you know

You will look for me,
For my beauty in every girl you see
Let me tell you something
You won’t find me,you won’t find me
Now I sing along
I have been stuck here for so long
Don’t u try to come back
You won’t find me,you won’t find me

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